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Social Media Marketing


Local businesses are often so busy with the day to day operations of keeping up with books that they think they have no time for issues such as social media marketing, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Almost everyone is engaged on networks like Instagram, Snapchat and of course Facebook that it is absolutely essential for an engaging presence to be made by even the smallest mom and pop restaurants. But what exactly does social media marketing entail and what should you care?

The simple reason is you should care because your current and future customers are online, using these social media networks and this is often one of the easiest ways to reach and engage with them. Even with something as simple as monitoring the Yelp reviews for local eateries can be super valuable. College bars are using Snapchat and Instagram to promote specials and having great success, so there is definitely some value to the attention and engagement you can get quite quickly if you use these networks properly.

Digital marketing agencies offer small packages for local businesses that can automate this and manage it for you, but knowing what some of the main social media channels to use first is a good way to educate yourself so you make a good initial decision. In our opinion, these are the following;

  • Instagram – a quick 10 second video is incredibly engaging and can build great suspense. That and people are constantly checking their Instagram from their phones.
  • Periscope – you can livestream video almost ANYWHERE which is truly incredible. You can not only reach potential customers in your immediate geographic area but around the world which opens up the possibilities for your business. Anyone with a smartphone can do this, which makes it super easy to implement as a social media strategy.
  • Facebook – with the emergence of Facebook ads, you can get super granular with who you want to target and who you can get in front of. A digital agency is your best bet to manage and optimize your ad budget in this case.

Knowing how to find your way around social media can also assist you with finding new audiences and new needs that may or may not be relevant to your current business goals. Using Twitter as a prospecting tool is a little known secret many marketers use to get an edge on their competition and understand where the consumer is coming from.