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Dec 122016

Web Design Best Practices That Are Always Relevant

Good web design certainly strays far from choosing a web design template that has been used by dozens of other companies. Web design that will appeal to consumers and withstand the test of time has great graphic appeal and representation of the company along with great programming that allows the website to be optimized for search engines. The pros at web design from PCSage tell us that a well thought out website doesn’t appear overnight out of nowhere, and to give you a better idea of web design best practices, we have compiled a list below!

Compelling Layout

The first thing that visitors to any website will notice is the layout of the website. It should be compelling enough that visitors want to stick around and explore further. It all comes down to creating a navigation that’s easy to use, graphics that catch the eye, and text that is appealing. Do bear in mind that great design leads the eye around to all of the right places and has good balance.

Good Use Of Colors And Graphics

There should be a balance with all of the colors used in website design, and one of the best practices is to use no more than three or four colors. This also includes using text colors that are easy on the eyes in any lighting. Interactive features should be kept at a minimum to increase the usability of the website. All multimedia included on the website should always serve a purpose and enhance user experience.

User-Friendly Layout Interaction

All websites should feature a user-friendly navigation that serves as a map for people exploring the website. Navigation is the only link that visitors have with your content, therefore, every hyperlink should work properly. Make sure you regularly test your hyperlinks to ensure they’re valid, especially if you choose to link to outside sources.

Organized Content

Content is what serves to keep visitors at your site and keep them coming back for more. You need to organize content properly in order to ensure it’s easy for visitors to digest. Text should always be broken up into easy to read paragraphs and should be written in a font that’s not hard to decipher. You can incorporate videos into your content as well, but make sure they load quickly and effectively.

Great web design practices incorporate all of the elements described above. In this day and age, no one can afford to go cheap with web design and use a template!

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