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Dec 152016

For hundreds of years prior to the introduction of virtual environment software planning and constructing real life projects was painstakingly rough and far from 100% sure. Many teams of people were required to brainstorm individually and as a group to come up with the best guesstimate. Needless to say errors were more common and frustration and stress would reach high levels at times.

Having software available like ESI-Group Mesh Software for examining and testing environments virtually has played a tremendous role in building better structures that lower cost. The time that has been saved in man hours goes without mention due to the fact that skilled crews of engineers are able to view possible outcomes digitally. It is truly amazing to see this process first hand as each stage is thoroughly tested on computers first.

The versatility of virtual environment software allows for a multitude of uses ranging from the development of simple tools to huge military and life-saving simulator type environments. The gaming, social networking and media streaming arenas have taken full advantage of the capabilities of the software. Out of the millions of users that enjoy the end products of what the specialists create, very few are even slightly aware of what software is used. As long as they are able to log on to social networks and play games and watch movies, most users could care less how it is done.

The push toward operating systems whose core is pre-built on social media and e-commerce environments is becoming a huge game changer for service centers, event marketplaces and more. Basically the systems are being developed for specific needs that are common across many different industries. By eliminating all of the unnecessary software that clutters many other systems, more secure and persistent environments become possible and much more reliable.

Two of the strongest virtual interactive environments to come along are the powerful software as a service known as SAAS and the highly educational learning environments known as LMS. Learning management systems LMS contribute largely to the higher education of many people who would have otherwise been unable to Excel or even afford to pay for the off-line version of those courses and resources.

The potential of the software for marketers is completely mind blowing. Spending much less money to reach more customers than before and then providing better support for products and services on top of that is like having your cake with an extra scoop of ice cream.

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